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Week 19 Summary: Those toenails are getting hard to reach

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So far so good…We’re almost at the halfway point!  Mrs Bean is hungry most of the time now, and it looks as if she’s somehow swallowed a cantaloupe.  It’s not easy for her to cut her own toenails anymore, and her hips ache when she lies in bed.  Her skin is still incredibly soft, and her hair is still growing like a weed – all in all, I think things are going well.

She’s still spotting a bit, which is a pain, but not scary anymore – the spotting is brown, not red, and in dribbles.  I hope that means her placenta is slowly moving to where it needs to be, and away from where it shouldn’t be (over the cervix).  We’re going to get an ultrasound at week 28 to make sure the placenta is in the right place – our midwife is going to advise against a home birth if the placenta previa is still there.

On the preparing-the-nest front, we’ve started building some registries at local stores.  It’s time for me to start moving stuff out of the home office into my new office.  So much to do!


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June 16, 2009 at 8:53 am

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