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Week 24 Summary: Chuggin’ Along

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This update is a little late, but here goes…

– Mrs Bean measures 24cm from her pubic bone to the top of her uterus. I think there is a term for this measurement, but I can’t remember what it is. She’s just the right size, according to our midwife
– We’re hopeful that her placenta has moved up. I’m not supposed to jinx it, so I can’t say that it has, and really, we don’t really know. We’re planning on getting an ultrasound around week 28, which is when we’ll make sure her placenta is out of the way
– Mrs Bean’s hormone levels seem to have shifted over the weekend. Either that or she did a great imitation of PMS (for 2 days). I came home one day to find her crying in a stack of fabric…either way, it’s over now, and I’m glad she’s back to her saner, calmer self again. (she’s looking over my shoulder and smiling, so I think she’s okay…right, dear? honey?)
– She’s definitely heavier than me now 😀

When I look at Mrs Bean, it’s obvious she’s pregnant. I just can’t imagine her getting any bigger, but I know she will. I’m wondering if I should pick up some Chinese language CDs from the library (if they have them) so that I can practice chatting with the baby. Or hey, maybe I should start with Spanish. Or start picking up Hebrew. Hrmm.


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July 24, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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