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Week 27 Summary: All Systems Go!

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We went in for our ultrasound today and everything is on track for a home birth.  Mrs Bean’s placenta is fundal (whatever that means, basically, it up high, in front), and the bean is totally average.  Well, the bean is really cute, but totally average in size and weight so far.  Mrs Bean is relieved…she’s afraid of hospitals and this means that our midwife is willing to see us through, rather than referring us to an ob/gyn.  Mrs Bean topped 140lbs, which is the most she’s ever weighed in her whole life.  Her belly circumference, however, has yet to surpass my hip measurements!  Soon…soon…

Mrs Bean also spoke to the mohel today – he’s Max the Mohel from Houston.  We got all the info in case the bean is a boy.  So we’re alllll set there.  woohoo!

Here’s the bean’s head – you can see the hands up by its head.  All 10 fingers there.  🙂


Here’s a foot!


And here is a profile shot.  During our appointment, we could see the bean’s lips move.  The technician also correctly indicated that the bean is one squirmy baby!  (true true true)


12 more weeks to go!  (deep breath)


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August 11, 2009 at 9:32 pm

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