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Week 39: Oh, the anticipation!

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Well, we’re a day away from the expected due date, and I haven’t posted the belly photo for the week yet!  Hopefully I’ll get around to it.  Perhaps it will spur the bean to come out?  Last night’s full moon wasn’t enough to draw the bean out, but we’ve both been talking to the bean, and encouraging him/her that it’ll be fun in the outside world.

Mrs Bean’s contractions have been frequent, but irregular.  They’re strong, and she says that she can feel them coming near her jawbone, as if they start revving up there, and then release towards her uterus.  The bean is active, and sometimes when I talk into Mrs Bean’s belly, I’ll feel a little kick from the baby.  We can’t wait to meet the baby!!!

On a more practical note, some of my family have been contributing towards our diaper service fund, so we now have 5 months worth of diaper service.  This is exciting to me, and I’m thankful for it.  My brother and sister-in-law have also gotten us a whole assortment of butt-related items (butt cream, diaper covers, etc.) so I think we have little bean’s butt all covered (get it?  ha ha…ha…)

Books we’ve read recently:

My Mother Wears Combat Boots (great)
The Birth Partner (I skimmed through this, it’s a good reference book)
Operating Instructions (great)
Baby Catcher (I’m halfway through this, somebody mentioned it’d be a good idea for me to finish it after the baby is here)



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November 3, 2009 at 10:38 am

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