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Our little bean is 2 weeks old. What’s happened in the past 2 weeks? She’s gained 1lb 3oz and weighs in at 7lbs 9oz now. She loves to eat and sleep and poop. She’s starting to fill out the newborn clothes – we probably have another week or so in newborn clothes before she’ll start being able to wear 0-3 month sized clothing. Her head seems to have changed shape, her skin is slightly blotchy, she’s lost half her hair, she’s cultivating a second chin and her little belly has filled out – I don’t need to double over the edge of the diaper so that it’ll be snug anymore.

Compare this picture with the one taken on day 1!

Mrs Bean’s parents and siblings came into town to visit, so the bean got to meet her grandparents, aunts and uncle. She also got to ride in the car seat everyday, which she really dislikes. She still loves making faces and has strong opinions on food. For example, when presented with some Thanksgiving options for baby (not that she’s ready for them, but they happened to be in the cupboard at the rental property), she had this to say:

We still spend hours gazing at her, and are thankful and amazed that she is in our lives.


Written by geeky bean

November 29, 2009 at 1:50 pm

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