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Kai still doesn’t have teeth!  I wonder how long those bumps will be there…the suspense!  🙂

These days, Kai’s thing is to roll back and forth.  Sometimes she’ll perform a slight rotation, so she can cover additional parts of the floor or bed.  She’s meandered under sofas, to the edge of the bed and can manage to roll over in both directions pretty well now.  She hasn’t figured out how to sit up, or pull up but she loves being on her feet, too, and can stand/balance upright for a few moments before grasping our hands.

Ahh…I suppose we should savor these last few days or weeks of having a relatively immobile child.   At the same time, she is so incredibly frustrated – she wants to crawl and move around so badly, but hasn’t gotten the hang of it just yet.  Today, I walked into the bedroom after hearing her cry out in the bedroom – she was on all fours, trying to figure out what to do!

In other news, she’s really liking solid foods.  She’s ingested avocado, grapes, sweet potato and bananas.  She’s chomped on red and yellow pepper and asparagus.  When she sits in her high chair, she’ll bounce up and down when we give her food – it’s incredibly cute.

Avocado moustache


Written by geeky bean

June 25, 2010 at 10:25 pm

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  1. Yep, incredibly cute is right!


    June 26, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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