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Eating leaves

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There isn't any soil here. I'll eat the leaves.

In addition to leaves, Kai had a potato, played with (but did not eat) some black beans and gnawed on water spinach in the past couple days. ¬†She’s also loving shoelaces and board books!


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July 30, 2010 at 11:37 pm

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Eating dirt

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I’m posting this from the wordpress app on my iPhone! I finally joined the masses and got a smartphone.

Kai has been crawling like crazy this past week and she’s started poking her curious little hands everywhere – you really can’t leave her alone anymore. She’s had a couple big wail-inducing falls…learning experiences, right? ūüôā

As you can see from the photos, she eats dirt (well, not too much). Sometimes she’ll cough a little, but I think she likes the texture, it’s very different from the avocado and red peppers she usually munches on at home.

Let me sample from this corner of the playscape...

Yup, mighty tasty

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July 27, 2010 at 9:52 pm


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It didn’t take long once she got the idea in her head… ¬†Kai first figured out how to move while in the on-belly position to the all-fours position to a sitting position last week. ¬†Mrs Bean would find her awake and sitting up in bed when checking on her in the evenings.

Next came swinging front to back on all fours. ¬†A few days later, actual crawling! ¬†She’s not fast, but I’m sure she’ll get faster. ¬†In the meanwhile, we need to baby proof the kitchen. ¬†And attach some shelves to the wall.

In addition to crawling, she has mastered pulling up and is a little daredevil – she likes to release one hand, and sometimes the other. ¬†It’s cute and amazing and all that, but it’s a little freaky too – we’re going to have to keep an eye on her!

oooh. I wonder what that is..

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July 20, 2010 at 9:03 pm


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Kai is almost 8 months old, and so much has happened in the past month:

  • Still no teeth. She has drool-y days and achy days but all we see are hints of teeth on her gums. ¬†It does look like they’re a bit swollen, but nothing has emerged.
  • Food: She loves to chomp on asparagus and red/orange peppers. ¬†She also likes sweet potato and avocado. ¬†She’s had tastes of our foods at various times too, like potato salad, and fizzy water. ¬†She love to ogle our food, and I think she’d try everything if she could.
  • Crawling: No crawling yet, but she’ll pull herself forward while lying on her belly. ¬†She can get on all fours but can only move slightly backwards into a sitting position.
  • Pulling up, standing: She loves pulling up, mostly using our hands or legs, but she’ll try with toys and some furniture too. ¬†She can get herself into standing position pretty quickly now, and she loves to stand. ¬†Sometimes we can’t get her to sit down, she’ll stiffen up her legs when we try to put her down (and then complain about being on her back).
  • Singing and dancing: when she’s chatting, sometimes it’ll sound like she’s singing. ¬†She has periods of warble-y cooing that are so adorable…I just want to squeeze her cheeks! When she’s sitting and you look her in the eye, wave you arms and chant “dance dance dance!” Kai will smile and wave her arms and shake her shoulders. ¬†Very cute. ¬†I need to figure out how to video record this – she has the ability to sense when a recording device is on, and will just stare into the lens.

As for us…we’re really enjoying this even though we’re both in need of rest (Mrs Bean in particular). ¬†Kai isn’t a big fan of unlatching (who ever thought that would be a problem?) and has crazy intense dreams…she yells and cries and sighs and tosses and turns. ¬†If she could sleep in her crib, this wouldn’t be so bad, but we haven’t been successful getting her to stay in there much longer than 20 minutes or so.

I’m writing this while lying on the sofa. ¬†I’m so tempted to just close the lid to the laptop, curl up and close my eyes…

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July 11, 2010 at 10:28 pm


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July 6, 2010 at 12:01 am

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