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The year is whizzing by…

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So many changes!

Kai is walking about on her own, quite briskly.  She’s very curious and likes to poke around everywhere so we really need to keep an eye on her.  We went to hang out with Mrs Bean’s family for Turkey Day and she get to meet her 6 month old cousin – the two of them spent time playing with the same toys, but not really with each other.

Her favorite foods lately: oranges, watermelon, apple, cheese (shredded only, please).  In addition to requesting that Mrs Bean nurse her animals, she likes to line them up and feed them cheerios.  She also likes to share food with us…she’s a sharer 🙂

We’ve been lighting the hanukkah candles every night.  Kai loves to watch them burn as she eats dinner.

She got her first fever today.  She was kind of crabby, falling down alot when walking and very clingy.  She was also a little warm to the touch and very tired.   Hopefully she’ll rest and sleep it off tonight!

Feeling bad

Hannukah 2010


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December 5, 2010 at 8:56 pm

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