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My gosh.  I am such a delinquent blogger.  Bad me.

Here are some snippets I kept in a draft from Feb 9:

  • dancing in the bathtub: Kai loves to dance in the bathtub, she loves singing ring around the rosie and falling at the end of the song, sometimes yelling “DOWN!” while plopping into the tub.  She still loves doing that, but she also likes to play with her bucket and frog now.
  • back in February, she loved repeating “up down up down up down” while standing up and sitting down, over and over again.  I think she was celebrating her new understanding of words words words.  Now, she is starting to repeat us when we say things, in a baby-garbled translation.  She’ll point at the corner of the kitchen and ask for a ‘nana’ or ‘buh-nanana’, she’ll ask for her book about Owen the hippo by saying ‘o-wuhn’ and funniest of all, when I present her with a big piece of food and say in a low low voice what I’m giving her (this is a “big piece“) she attempt to talk in a low voice, which just sounds like she has a raspy hoarse voice.  So cute!
  • My draft has this note: 6th tooth!  She now has a 7th tooth and is working on molars.

I’ll try and post more regularly.  In the meanwhile, I leave you with this:

Hi hi hi!


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March 30, 2011 at 9:17 pm

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