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“I want that one”

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We just got back from a trip and I’ve been doing alot of wondering at Kai’s language skills.  It seems that all of the sudden she is starting to sound like a little kid…

Now: “I want that one!”
Before: “dat one!” and before that, “unhh! unhhh!!” (with pointing)

She loves stopping by next door and we often tell her to knock to see if JJ is there and not napping (she’ll ask to see JJ at 6am).  Today, after we got home from the gym, she asked: “JJ napping? Say hi? Knock JJ I try!”  Wow!  Little sentences, singing along with some songs…she’s growing up!  We need to get some recordings of her talking, but every time we try she notices the recording device and attempts to press buttons.

Other phrases:

“Do the beep-beep”  — press the button, e.g. for an elevator
“Jump, I jump” — no translation needed
“Habbie habbie to you”  — happy birthday to you
“wuhs <name goes here>”  — where’s <person>? This initiates a round of hide-and-seek with that person


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August 16, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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