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We just got back from a trip to San Francisco.  While we were there, Kai decided to share with us her love of yellow by wearing her yellow raincoat even when it was sunny outside.  As we passed yellow houses, she’d yellow “there YELLOW!  I wan more YELLOW!”  Same with cabs, street signs and the nubby sidewalk portions at intersections.  She loves yellow.

Now that we’re home, she’ll look for yellow in her books and on her toys.  I’m fascinated by this love for yellow and wonder what else she’ll be loving soon.


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October 28, 2011 at 10:38 am

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Language explosion – short anecdotes

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Kai is talking up a storm these days.  A few of  her favorite phrases:

I want <insert desire> – she’ll go through a list of items if she’s indecisive or standing in front of the fridge.
• <insert desire> now – if she asks for something and we say later, she asks again and adds a very emphatic “NOW” to the end.
•  Silly mama – Mrs Bean calls me a silly mama often enough that Kai will say it when I’m doing something silly, like attempting to juggle.

She’ll tell us stories abou things that happened earlier and act things out.  She usually likes being at the site of the incident – like when she stepped into a deep puddle and became very upset because her socks were soaked.  Or when she bumped into the table, or rolled off a stool.  Sometimes it seems like she’s making up stories because we don’t know where the story came from – perhaps she is, perhaps she isn’t!  Our girl has a very active mind.

She also understands context very well – Mrs Bean asked me last night if Kai had played with her stacking rings recently and whether she should put them away.  Kai went over, picked up the stacking rings, and then proceeded to play with them – thwarting Mrs Bean’s goal of tidying up the house.

This morning, she said “I want potty. Poop poop.”  Great!  I got her to the potty just in time.  Unfortunately, it was 5:30am and she was awake for the day at that point.

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October 10, 2011 at 11:37 am

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A day in the life…

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Actually, a couple of days in the life of our lil’ bean.

We often go to the farmers’ market.  There’s a Saturday morning one that busy – that’s where the tacos, kolaches, tamales and popsicles are.  And the sampling station, as well as the kids’ food activity booth.  Kai likes going because it means eating and browsing (yes, there is produce there too) and playing with other kids.  We sometimes go to the Sunday one which is tiny, but has other interesting activities like an art room for kids and a warehouse-sized gallery next to the market that often has quirky things set up.

Sunday farmers' market: craft table made of giant spool

Sunday market: Drawing on the blackboard-wall

Saturday market: Yum. Okra.

Saturday market: hibiscus mint popsicle!


There is usually something happening near the farmers market.  This past weekend there was a dog house design competition. Kai wanted to get into a bunch of them but I didn’t let her.

Check out the rainwater collection system


Urban farm near our house.  We often visit the chickens there, and smell the mint and basil.  The pecans have started falling and Kai likes trying to open them with her little fingers.

Netting is fun when you're not tangled in it


Kai is really into books these days.  Computers, on the other hand, are a little foreign sometimes.



Now that it’s cooled down (aka, it’s less than 95 degrees during the day) Kai has started painting outside. She will often multitask and eat a popsicle while painting stopping only to request more paper, more paint, more mommy or more mama.



Someday soon Kai will have interesting days outside the country – we finally applied for a passport!

Passports are Serious

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October 4, 2011 at 8:16 pm