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Anybody: What does a panda do?
Kai: Ka-boom! (falls on her knees)

Where did this come from?  We were at the zoo and she saw a baby panda learning to climb.  It fell down – ka-boom! – and the rest is history…

Look at me!
Kai will ask me to do something, and if I do it “wrong”, she’ll say “Mama.  Look at me” with a stern look on her face and proceed to show me how it’s done.

She’ll also ask everybody to look at her when she’s climbing, wearing something funny, holding an interesting object, etc.

I dunno
Her default answer used to be No.  Now it seems to be “I dunno”.  Hmm.

A B C L M N O P R S Now I know my ABC na neh neh neh neh
Her version of the alphabet song these days.



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November 27, 2011 at 10:24 pm

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