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Sleep, oh sleep

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Sleep.  People always tell you that having a baby/toddler/child is tiring but I never thought it’d be this tiring for me and especially for Mrs Bean.

On a good night:

  • Kai will wake up somewhere between 10:30pm and 1:30am and request Mommy (Mrs Bean).  Refusing this request will result in a back-arching semi-conscious tantrum so I usually just pick her up and bring her to Mrs Bean.
  • Kai will toss and turn a bit, ask for Mrs Bean’s arm for support, and drink water a couple times before getting up for the day around 6am.

On not-so-good nights:

  • there will be middle-of-the-night conversations about how she wants milk right now, ok fine water
  • she will roll and thrash around, elbow Mrs Bean, steal the covers

On bad nights:

  • she’ll wake and cry and cry
  • she’ll wake, upset, multiple times a night
  • oh, there’s more…but I’d have to ask Mrs Bean what else happens.

I fantasize about the day when she’ll be able to wake up and do her own thing – read a book, play with toys.  In the meanwhile we’re just trying to cope.  I haven’t written about our woes much because in real life people always have suggestions – cry it out, talk to her, this method that method.  We’ve tried them all.

We’ve been to the traditional Chinese medicine doctor (tui na and herbs), the chiropractor, the cranio-sacral therapist and the western doctor.  He suggested Unisom – this worked but we’d only use that in emergencies…and it means that she wakes up very well rested and ready to go go go at 5am.  The next step was prescription drugs which we decided not to do.

We’ve tried more physical activity, more food, bath before bed, no nap in the afternoon.  Our latest attempt to work on her sleep has been with homeopathic remedies and it seems to be having an effect.  We did a number of rounds with one remedy and are now on our second remedy. It’s supposed to take a week or more to take effect so we’re waiting and watching…please work!!!  Please!

Mrs Bean tells me she NEVER sleeps until 6am.  I sleep until 6.  Kai sometimes goes back to sleep after a bit of milk in the morning.


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January 17, 2012 at 12:21 am

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Babies, bellies

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While putting Kai to bed tonight:

Kai: I have baby in belly
Me: Really?
Kai: Yeah, see?  (lifts her shirt)
Me: Oh, I see.
Kai: No. Kai no have baby in belly.  Only mommy have baby in belly.  And mama.
Me: Well, just mommy.  Not mama.

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January 5, 2012 at 12:32 am

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