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Photos for June

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Has it really be almost 3 months since I’ve posted a picture?  Wow.

We’ve cut Kai’s hair – it’s hot here, she’s a sweaty kid and she hates hates hates getting her hair washed.

Choosing a flavour of “apple fruit”. She’s getting tall!

Pouring beans into cups.

A favorite activity – snacking and watching people

Another favorite activity – the splashpad. She doesn’t like getting water in her eyes, though.

Yet another favorite activity – the consumption of carbs. She finished that plate of bread then had some spaghetti.


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June 13, 2012 at 12:15 pm

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Coffee, Wine and Badminton

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Lately Kai has been ogling my coffee and eyeing the wine in the house.  When she asks for some, we tell her she can’t have any until she’s bigger, which results in her wanting to confirm that she can try it when she’s bigger.

Kai (gesturing up high above her head): When Kai big big BIG I want some coffee some time.  Okay?
Me:sure, okay.


The other day we mentioned that I wouldn’t be doing bedtime because I was going to a meeting.

Kai: What meeting?
Me: My badminton meeting.
Kai: I want to do badminton when I big big BIG!
Me: Okay.    (thinking: hmmm, should I get a junior racket for her to play with? tie a string to a birdie and tie it to the ceiling for her to whack around?)

She has this idea that there will be so many things she can do once she gets bigger.  Which is true, but also makes me feel a little sentimental about the time before she knew she was getting bigger.  (insert slight tearing of the eyes here)

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June 8, 2012 at 1:26 pm

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