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Happy new year!

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Update on our family – we’ve finished our move to Atlanta.  We moved semi-abruptly on Thanksgiving day in order to get to Atlanta as quickly as we could since Mrs Bean’s dad wasn’t doing well.  We flew in while our stuff got trucked and thank goodness there is a garage here – we’re still unpacking while packing up the items in the house to make space for our things.  Sadly, Mrs Bean’s dad died in early December so we’re just…trying to deal.  Note to self (and others who might be listening) – keep things tidy so our kids won’t have to deal with our mess.

Kai is starting at her new school in 2 days.  She’s not great with transitions so we’re hoping it’ll go well.  She has also asked for me to find her a music class with frozen yogurt nearby – that’s what she had in Austin so I guess she’s missing her routine.

Avi is starting to figure out how to crawl, he generates massive amounts of drool and is quite the charmer – he smiles at almost everybody. He’s our giant baby – 16.5 lbs already!

We also have another addition – Mrs Bean’s 16 year old sister.  Anybody have tips on raising teenagers??

Next up, some photos…


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January 1, 2013 at 8:47 pm

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