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The cradle cap is back

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Sigh.  The cradle cap is back, so we’re back to oiling her head and brushing her scalp every day.  It’s also still on her eyebrows.  How can such a cute little baby be so scaly?  She had a bout of baby acne last week, and now her hair is coming out.  I wonder how much hair she’ll lose – she’d look completely different with short hair.

A fresh warm towel. Mmmm.

She’s smiling up a storm these days, and giggling/laughing if you’re amusing enough.  She has gotten the hang of reaching out to grasp for things, but she’s still working on her aim.

She about 11lb 4oz now and I think she’s hit some sort of threshold with me – my back aches and my shoulders kind of hurt.  Is it that she’s heavier, or have I just been sleeping funny?  Perhaps I need to work on my weight training? (I do mostly cardio at the gym)

Kai’s eyes are amazing to watch, I love that she loves to look at things, and loves to track her mommies around the room.  She watches Mrs Bean leave the room – she’ll follow her with her eyes and watch her go out the door.  I don’t know where she thinks mommy is going, but she knows she’s not in the room anymore.

A new development: explosive poop.  For some reason, her poops have been explosive lately, going up the back of the diaper, and almost exiting the diaper (hasn’t happened…yet!)  Luckily, she lets us know exactly when she is pooping (“uuuuuuh!!!” and a distant focused stare), so we can be ready to change her ASAP.

I’m amazing at how different Kai is, after just 2.5 months.  I love that she’s becoming more interactive, I love playing with her!


Written by geeky bean

February 2, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Treating Cradle Cap is alot of work

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who me, cradle cap? I'm here for the spa treatment!

Here’s what we’ve been doing:

1. Mix 1-2 drops lavender oil in 1-2 tsp oil (olive, or almond in our case).
2. Brush onto scalp.  Cover head with warm wet towel for 10 minutes or more.
3. Take towel off, and use a toothbrush and brush the scalp to remove scales.  Brush brush brush, from one direction, then another.  Dump scales on washcloth as they accumulate on the brush.  Wipe head down every now and then to remove flakes.  Brush brush brush.  This takes about 30 minutes!
4. Wipe head with wet washcloth to get the oil out.
5.  Dry baby’s head.

Total time: 45-60 minutes.  Do this 2-3 times/day.

Her head is much better now, after about a week of doing this.  Hopefully we’ll just need to do this for a few more days, then taper down to doing it once a week.  I wonder if she’s going to love or hate having her hair brushed when she gets older…

We read that a paste of baking soda and water would also work, and actually went out and got lots of baking soda, but didn’t get around to trying it.  Mrs. Bean does have eczema every now and then, and apparently cradle cap is an indicator for possible future eczema, so I’ll be watching her skin.

Written by geeky bean

January 11, 2010 at 1:03 pm