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Countdown to baby bean’s arrival!

In reverse chronological order:

2/26/2009 – Positive EPT

Mrs Bean tested a number of times with pee-on-the-stick tests, just to be sure.  Then, she went to the doctor’s office for a blood test, and a follow up blood test 2 days later.  Woohoo!  Good thing, too, because we had n IVF appointment scheduled for April 4, this was going to be our last IUI try.  IVF would’ve cost alot, taken up alot of time, and would have subjected Mrs. Bean to way too many injections and drugs.

Positive EPT

Positive EPT


February 2009
Barrage!  2 ICIs at home, 2 IUIs at the doctor’s office.  This time around, Mrs Bean took Clomid (low dose – she ended up with only one egg), and got an hcg injection.  We also dropped by the doctor’s office twice for ultrasounds where they checked on the ovaries (to see if the eggs were ready to pop).  She also had a Maya abdominal massage before our attempts (a suggestion from her acupuncturist).

January 2009
2 ICIs at home and 1 IUI at the doctor’s office. By this point, the two week wait was really stressful.  We were trying to figure out what to do if it didn’t work the next time, wondering how to budget for conception, and just generally grumpy.  Mrs Bean also had an HSG dye test at the beginning of the month, to make sure her tubes were clear (they were).

December 2008
2 ICIs at home.  No IUI since we were traveling. 

November 2008
2 ICIs at home and 1 IUI at the doctor’s office. 

October 2008
Our first try, 2 ICIs at home and 1 IUI at the doctor’s office. The two week wait was nerve-wracking!


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March 26, 2009 at 5:31 am

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