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Another busy week

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Do you think this carseat makes my cheeks look big?

Another busy week!  Mrs Bean started working again this week, 3 mornings a week (I’ll be watching the bean during those times).  I have a new contract and start working again next week.  It’s too bad we can’t spend all our time together, but I suppose we ought to go out and make a living…

We went through her 0-3 clothes and put most of it away.  We’ve also discovered that some of her 3-6 month clothes need to get worn soon, before they’re too small!  Today’s clothes aren’t designed with cloth diapers in mind, so alot of pieces are too short in the torso.

What else happened?  We had brunch with a 7-month old friend of Kai’s.  He’s spinning on his belly and crawling now, and she’s fascinated.  Not enough to emulate him (yet), but enough to be totally entranced for a long long time.  We also took Kai to a movie for the first time yesterday – a morning baby day showing of Up in the Air – on baby days, the theatre turns down the volume a bit, and keep the lights on dim.  Great idea, except that the volume on the trailers was too loud, and there were some very scary trailers!  Kai slept through the whole movie!

Up next: Kai hits the 3 month mark this weekend!  Chinese New Year!  Lesbian mamas potluck!


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February 10, 2010 at 3:35 pm

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The cradle cap is back

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Sigh.  The cradle cap is back, so we’re back to oiling her head and brushing her scalp every day.  It’s also still on her eyebrows.  How can such a cute little baby be so scaly?  She had a bout of baby acne last week, and now her hair is coming out.  I wonder how much hair she’ll lose – she’d look completely different with short hair.

A fresh warm towel. Mmmm.

She’s smiling up a storm these days, and giggling/laughing if you’re amusing enough.  She has gotten the hang of reaching out to grasp for things, but she’s still working on her aim.

She about 11lb 4oz now and I think she’s hit some sort of threshold with me – my back aches and my shoulders kind of hurt.  Is it that she’s heavier, or have I just been sleeping funny?  Perhaps I need to work on my weight training? (I do mostly cardio at the gym)

Kai’s eyes are amazing to watch, I love that she loves to look at things, and loves to track her mommies around the room.  She watches Mrs Bean leave the room – she’ll follow her with her eyes and watch her go out the door.  I don’t know where she thinks mommy is going, but she knows she’s not in the room anymore.

A new development: explosive poop.  For some reason, her poops have been explosive lately, going up the back of the diaper, and almost exiting the diaper (hasn’t happened…yet!)  Luckily, she lets us know exactly when she is pooping (“uuuuuuh!!!” and a distant focused stare), so we can be ready to change her ASAP.

I’m amazing at how different Kai is, after just 2.5 months.  I love that she’s becoming more interactive, I love playing with her!

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February 2, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Flying on an airplane

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We just got back from a trip to Atlanta for Mrs Bean’s youngest sister’s bat mitzvah, and Kai’s naming ceremony.  Kai did really well on the plane – she was complimented by a number of passengers.  On the way there, Mrs Bean nursed her on the way up, and she slept the whole trip.  When we landed, she woke up, looked around and became very perturbed (where am I???) and let a big wail.  On the flight home, she was really hungry, so Mrs Bean let her start nursing when we were on the runway – a bit too early, since we were 6th in the take-off queue.  We were worried that her ears would hurt on the way up if she wasn’t nursing, but she seemed to do alright, taking little sips as needed.

Kai got to see her grandparents and aunts and uncles again, as well as great-aunts and great-uncles, and a great-great aunt, and a whole bunch of cousins and family friends.  Mrs Bean kept Kai in a wrap most of the time at the synagogue, partly to keep too many people from touching her, and partly to keep Kai calm (or asleep).

Her pants fit so much better with one thin diaper

For the trip, we opted to use disposable diapers (seventh generation) instead of lugging cloth diapers with us.  The first time I put one on, I was amazed at how svelte Kai was – her pants fit easily and she could bend her legs closer towards her chest.  Unfortunately, her poop is more likely to shoot up her back in the disposable diapers.  It’s also alot harder for us (and her) to tell when the diaper needs changing, so we ended up (trying to) changing her every 2 hours.

Kai has also started to get the hang of inching forward when we put her on her tummy.  She hates tummy time, but I make her do it anyway.  heh heh.  She has also started to grasp at things, mostly with her right hand.  I can only imagine what’ll happen when she starts to get good at grabbing…she’s quite the curious girl!

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January 27, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Peeing and pooping. And feet.

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Peeing and pooping

A friend of ours is doing the elimination communication thing with her son, and while I haven’t gotten a chance to read up on it, I think it’s a great idea.  So, the other day, when Kai seemed like she wanted to poop, I held her over the toilet, and made the “sssss” noise…she peed!  A nice little trickle into the toilet!  I waited a while, but she didn’t poop.

Then, the other night, when we were hanging out with a bathing Mrs Bean, she made a little O with her mouth, I heard her belly rumble, and quickly held her over the toilet – success!  A stream of poop!  Too bad my aim was a little off, there was poop on the toilet seat 🙂  After I wiped her off, and sat her back on my lap she proceeded to pee on me.

We’re going to keep trying with this, and see how it goes.  I think we generally recognize when she’s about to poop, it’s a matter of getting to the toilet.  Or, perhaps we should get a little basin so we can try this from anywhere in the house, in any position.  Hovering over the toilet isn’t easy on the knees or the back.


When we sit Kai up so that she can see her feet, sometimes she’ll look at her right foot, wiggle it, then look at her left foot, and wiggle it.  Then she’ll put her feet together, and rub them against each other.  Over and over again.  She’s discovering her feet, that they’re her feet, and she can control them!  Fascinating!

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January 20, 2010 at 12:01 pm