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Our little dude

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Avi is almost 10 months old!  It’s crazy! He can stand up by himself now without holding onto anything and can hang out in standing position for 10+ seconds.  I suppose he’ll be walking soon.  He’s a Menace…we are so in for it.

It’s amazing how much he looks like Kai while at the same time he’s so different from her at the same age:

  • he’s large for his age – he passed 20 lbs a few weeks back and is wearing 18mo-sized clothing.  Kai can still wear her 18mo-sized pants, as shorts.
  • he loves to play with objects – attachment objects this week have included an empty moisturizer pump dispenser, an Atlanta Brave tomahawk, a point and shoot camera
  • he is super squirmy and doesn’t like to sit in laps.  Apparently he has better things to do, like eat shoes.  He LOVES shoes.
  • his first “word” sounds like “yeah!” while Kai’s was “No”

He still only has 2 bottom teeth but there are 4 working their way through his gums up top.  Poor kid…getting 4 teeth at once.

This swing is comfortable

This swing is comfortable

I will charm you into giving me more applesauce

I will charm you into giving me more applesauce


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May 7, 2013 at 10:21 pm

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5″ of rain = harried mommies

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It’s just past 11pm and we’ve had 5.4″ of rain so far with more to come tomorrow.  This does not bode well for Mrs Bean, since she’ll be running around making sure Kai doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t be getting into, doesn’t fall over or bang into a wall, etc. etc.

Kai has been changing and learning so much lately.  Let’s see…

  • BIG SMILES – when we ask her if she wants to have some water or food, and it’s exactly what she’d been trying to tell us, she’ll give us a huge huge smile and nod her head.  It’s so cute!  And incredibly hard to catch on camera
  • stairs – she’s started to figure out how to climb down a step.  She’s not so good at the second step and will often go back up the stairs if she can’t figure it out.
  • food food food – crackers, cinnamon roll (just a little bit), potato, carrot chips, fruit smoothies, tortillas…she will eat it all, although she loves carbs the most
  • da! ba! – she’ll attempt to repeat words after us, choosing to say da! or ba! whichever seems to be closest in her mind.  She will also point at things, grunt and then complain that you didn’t get her the right thing.  This gets old pretty fast…
  • turtle head – this is cute too – if you look at her and extend your head, sometimes she’ll smile at you and extend her head towards you.  At the kitchen table, this can go on and on…cute cute cute!

In the meanwhile, Mrs Bean is still eagerly awaiting the day the Kai can sleep for more than ~2 hours at a stretch…which is why being able to get Kai out during the day to playgroups or to hang out with friends is so important.  Kai has alot of energy to use up!

toasted O tricks


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September 7, 2010 at 11:41 pm

This morning, a recap

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Kai: (hi! hi! gimme milk!)
Mrs Bean: mmm.  here, have a boobie.  Now try this pacifier.
Kai: (no!!! no pacifier!)

2am (Kai is still latched on)

Kai: (hi! hi! gimme milk! wanna play?)
Mrs Bean: mmm.  Kid, I’m tired.  Try this pacifier.
Kai: (no!!! no pacifier!)

3am (…still latched on)

Kai: (hi! wanna play?  i love you! let’s roll around on the bed together, okay?  I want a snack!)
Mrs Bean: arrrrgh.
Kai: (no!!! no pacifier!)

4am (not latched on)

Kai: (hi hi hi!  wakey wakey!  My belly is rumbling…)
Mrs Bean: arrrrgh.  Why can’t you just sleep at night?  How about a pacifier?
Kai: (no!!! no pacifier!!!)

5am (…still latched on)

Kai: (tee hee hee.  is that the sun I see?  a glimmer in the distance?)
Mrs Bean: I’M SO TIRED.  Please, take this pacifier…
Kai: (no!!! no pacifier!!!)

6am (…still latched on)

Kai: [sits up, looks around] (hey!  A pacifier!  Wow!  I love my pacifier!)
Mrs Bean: HONEY…You need to take the baby out of this room.

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August 30, 2010 at 9:00 pm

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Friday the 13th

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It’s Friday the 13th and Kai is 9 months old today!  We saw the doctor today and everything is still fine.  She’s now 28″ long and 16lb 2oz.  She’s a tall and skinny baby!

Alot has happened since I last posted…or seems to have happened.  Lack of sleep has made time whiz by.


She’s eating many more things now.  We were in SF and she loved the fresh peaches, red pepper and avocado from the farmers market.  She has had toasted Os, baby corn and lots of other fruits and veggies.  We try to offer her something from our plates when we eat dinner together.  She loves trying new things and has also learned to clamp her mouth shut and shake her head in a very emphatic NO when she doesn’t want anything to eat.


Tooth #2 has made its appearance!  All the better to scrape yummy bits off of pear slices!


Oh boy.  She can crawl pretty quickly now and loves to pull things off shelves.  She’s on the verge of mastering standing…hopefully she won’t be walking too soon!  Mrs Bean also caught her climbing up a step the other day.   She has become a master of crawling over obstacles (stuffed toys, mommies) and likes to head to the window if she can so she can peek outside.

Traveling to meet family (and to mimic them)

We went to SF for a long weekend, and Kai really enjoyed hanging out with her aunties and her mimi.  Little Auntie F (she’s 13) got her to start mimicking her saying “AH-choo!” – Kai’s comes out more like “ah-foo!”.   Crazy Aunt Momo (the circus aunt) had her sticking out her tongue.  So cute!

I can stick out my tongue, can you?

We went to the Golden Gate Park, to the Conservatory of Flowers and to the very cool Koret childrens quarter – Kai really enjoyed looking at all the flowers and being amongst little kids.  It’s pretty ‘cold’ there this summer, so we packed her winter hat – she doesn’t quite fit in it yet.

Maybe this hat will fit me in December...


Kai loves music.  When a song comes on with a good beat or a certain class of guitar riff, she’ll start bopping away.  We took her to a kids concert at a local coffeehouse, and she loved being there with all the jumping kids and the music.  It’s free and happens every week with different artists so we’ll probably be going fairly regularly.

And…ukelele!  I ordered a ukelele and Kai loves watching me play (I only know ‘row row row your boat’ so far) and likes to whack it and pluck at the strings.  This is exciting for me because I get to learn to play an instrument while entertaining the baby.

Wow.  It’s wonderful watching Kai learn about the world and the different ways of interacting with things in the world.  I’m constantly surprised at all how things can come together in a baby’s mind.  Humans are pretty amazing!

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August 13, 2010 at 9:00 pm